PM Modi met Elon Musk, Discuss Some Plans

Recently PM Modi met Elon Musk and discuss some plans for India. Elon Musk Said : He is going to invest in India. Tesla CEO also said that He is planning to visit India next year. He thanked PM Narendra Modi for his Support. After Meeting with PM Narendra Modi Elon tweets :                                PM Modi meets Elon Musk

According to media reports, he is very confident about his company Tesla will be in India as soon as possible. Musk Said he is very excited about the future of India. He also said that India has a great capacity than other countries.

Starlink’s Plans:

Musk also planning to bring a broadband internet service Starlink through his company SpaceX in India. He said this internet service can be very helpful for remote areas which has no access of internet.

About This Meeting:

After this Meeting, Musk Said that ” I am a big fan of Mr Modi.” He wants right things for his country and he is also very supportive for new companies. Mr Narendra Modi tweets ” Great meeting you today.” In reply Elon Musk said that he want to meet again.

PM Modi met Elon Musk

About Tesla:

It is a American multinational company whose headquarter is located in Austin, Texas. This company manufactures Vehicle which run on electricity, Solar panels and Solar roof tiles. Elon Musk is the CEO of this company. Tesla is one of the most profitable company, whose expanses on marketing is $0. This company works on technology which is based upon mainly renewable sources of energy. It is how Tesla is one of the leading company in this world and also most profitable. The name of this company is a tribute to Nikola Tesla.

In 2004, Elon Musk became the largest shareholder of this company and became CEO in 2008. This company began production of its first sports car in 2008. This company faced many criticism for its products like cars and other business activities.

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