iPhone 15 Pro in Blue

Apple's upcoming smartphone, the iPhone 15 Pro, will be available in a Dark Blue color with a gray tone.

Mac Rumors, a reliable source for Apple-related news, reported this information along with details on other next-generation iPhones and Apple devices like the Vision Pro.

The new blue color option will feature a titanium material and a brushed finish, different from the stainless steel used in previous models.

This blue color was previously used for the iPhone 12 Pro model, but for the iPhone 15 Pro, it is expected to have a darker gray tone to better complement the titanium finish.

The iPhone 15 Pro will be offered in several color options, including Silver, Space Grey, Space Black, and Titanium Gray shades.

Information provided is based on a report from Mac Rumors and may be subject to change or confirmation from official Apple announcements.

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