SpaceX satellites radiation in the sky

A research study has revealed that radiation from satellites orbiting Earth is spreading and affecting wavelength bands that are reserved for radio signals.

 The radiation interference is specifically linked to SpaceX's Starlink satellites, which have electronics exposed to low-frequency radio waves from various bands.

The researchers responsible for the study are from SK Observatory and the International Astronomical Union (IAU).

An engineer from IAU named Federico Bruno commented on the significance of the study, stating that it provides valuable insights into the impact of satellite constellations on radio astronomy.

The pollution of reserved wavelength bands by satellite radiation may have implications for radio communication and signal reception on Earth.

 The issue of satellite constellations interfering with radio astronomy has been a topic of concern for scientists and astronomers. This research sheds light on the specific contribution of Starlink satellites to the problem.

 Further research and monitoring will likely be needed to assess the extent of the radiation impact and potential ways to mitigate it, ensuring that radio astronomy observations remain unimpeded.

 The findings may also prompt discussions and collaborations between space agencies, satellite operators, and astronomers to address the challenges posed by the growing number of satellites in orbit.

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