The Upcoming UI Redesign and High-Quality Video Sharing in WhatsApp

WhatsApp has recently released two beta versions, introducing significant changes and additions to the messaging app.

One notable addition in WhatsApp beta version is the ability to send high-quality videos. These videos have a resolution of 1296 x 608, offering a superior viewing experience compared to the previous resolution of 880 x 416.

The high-quality videos are larger in size due to the increased resolution, providing improved visual clarity.

In the latest beta version,, WhatsApp has redesigned its pop-up windows to adhere to the latest Material Design guidelines

Previously, the pop-ups had square corners regardless of the device brand. Now, they have rounder and smoother corners, enhancing the overall visual appeal.

This redesign of the pop-up windows may be a first step toward a more comprehensive user interface update for WhatsApp.

It is speculated that future versions of the app will undergo a thorough redesign, aiming for a more visually cohesive and appealing experience for users.

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