Twitter has undergone a significant identity change by releasing a new logo.

The old blue bird logo has been replaced with a white X on a black background.

The announcement was made on Monday by Twitter CEO Linda Yacarino and Elon Musk.

Linda Yacarino tweeted about the new logo, encouraging users to use it.

Both Linda Yacarino and Elon Musk changed their Twitter handles' profile photos to the new X logo.

Despite the logo change, the blue bird is still visible across the Twitter platform.

Elon Musk had previously polled his tens of millions of followers on whether they approved of altering the blue emblem to a black one.

The original Twitter logo was designed in 2012 by a team of three people, one of whom was Martin Grasser.

Martin Grasser mentioned on Twitter that the original logo was designed to be simple, balanced, and legible even at a very small size.

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