WhatsApp releases many updates for safe conversation

WhatsApp, one of the most used messaging apps, has also added many privacy features to it. Have a look at 8 such privacy features.

WhatsApp has changed the world of online mobile phone messaging. At present it has more than 400 million Indian users. Due to such a large number of users, some safety features are added from time to time, so that the privacy of the user is protected. There are at least 10 such privacy features. Both Android and iOS users can access these. Some of these were most recently added.



Blue tick hide- 

Everyone would be familiar with this feature anyway. For this feature, you have to find the privacy menu in the settings section and untap the option of read receipts.




Avoid unknown caller-

By silencing unknown phone calls, you can avoid unnecessary interruptions. For this, toggle silence unknown calls in the calls menu in Privacy in Settings


Hide profile picture- 

You can hide your status, profile photo or last seen content from a particular contact number. This will be found in the privacy section of the account as a profile photo menu. Don’t want to show your profile picture to unknown people, so you can hide DP by tapping on my contact.

Prevent adding to unknown groups- 

You can prevent anyone from joining groups you don’t know. If someone wants to message you or add you to a group, they have to take permission from you first. For this also, in the privacy section of the settings, you have to go to the group menu and choose from the options Everyone, My Contacts, etc.

Can also block numbers- 

Now advertisers also send advertising messages to WhatsApp users. In this case, like any contact, you can block that number on this app as well. This way you can get rid of any unwanted message numbers.

Hide online status- 

You can also hide your online presence on Whatsapp. Simply put, no one will be able to know whether you are using the messaging app or not, because enabling this option will log in to your account.

Chat lock feature- 

Do this after lock in android phone. apple phone app lock
WhatsApp has recently added this feature. To activate it, go to the profile section of the chat and tap on the Chat Lock feature. Follow it for every chat. All locked chats will be combined into one folder. The folder will appear at the top of the screen.


What’s app continuosly adding new features for enhanceing the instant messaging so people can assure that they have a safe conversation. What’s app countinuesly adding new updates and most of the update is for your privacy and safe conversation.

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